Abha Tiwari

Nickname: Abha
Hometown: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Graduate School: Goa University, Goa
E-mail: abhatiwari34@gmail.com

How would you explain your research in 3 sentences to someone who is not in science?

I am working on brain disease in which, degeneration of motor-neurons takes place. In which I am trying to find the reason associated with the subjected disease so that it can lead to cure and betterment of life in near future.

More about you

I am compassionate, conscientious with assertive thoughts. My strength is devotion and troubleshooting approach towards my work and life. I love to explore different cuisines and places.

About your work:

My area of interest is neuroscience and related diseases, more specifically, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which is a neuro-degenerative disease cause dysfunction of motor neuron; leads to death. In which identification of associated biomarkers, understanding underlying disease mechanisms, exploration of use of stem cells/ therapeutic agents (synthetic) to deal with disease pathology.  Such studies can also be beneficial to improve the diagnostic/prognostic efficacy in the field which can further lead to improve clinical trails.