Deepali Mathur

Nickname: Deepu
Hometown: Ghaziabad
Graduate School: PGIMER, Chandigarh


How would you explain your research in 3 sentences to someone who is not in science?

Stroke is a life style disorder that can also be inherited. Young people are becoming more prone to stroke in the current post modernist era. Blood vessels obstruction is the well known and accepted cause of diseases of heart and brain. In stroke it is called carotid plaque. We screened stroke specific biomarkers that can predict this variant of stroke to enable its diagnosis and prognosis.

More about you

I am a simple, straight forward person who firmly believes in live and let live philosophy and love to live truthfully. I enjoy freaking out with friends when I am not working in lab. I would have opted for a career in information technology if I had not picked up one in science. I would like to visit Switzerland if I get a chance in future as it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

About your work

Stroke is the most common cause of serious disability in adults. When I worked in Neuroscience Research lab we  tried to discern polymorphism of promoters and 5 UTR of VEGF and sFlt-1 gene. I was interested in studying levels of these protein factors in serum and their association with possible polymorphism and clinical symptoms. I hope to corroborate VEGF and sFlt- 1 as prognostic and diagnostic marker of the stroke one day.