Lt. Mangat singh

Hometown: Chandigarh

How would you explain your research in 3 sentences to someone who is not in science?

I am always busy in various indoor and outdoor activites including, dusting, washing and the most importantly, the animal duty.

More about you

He is the head-straight man. Well built and strong even in his late 50s. He is like the old wine which becomes tastier with passing days, he has been with Institute for last 30 years in PGI. He has gained experience as he grew up with Institute. He believes in God, internal strength, togetherness and honesty.

About your work

I take care of all the dusting, washing and cleaning in the research lab. Sometimes I move from one department to another, one store to another for articles, goods, inventories, letters and many more. Animal duty is the most important duty I deliver. The mice and rats kept in the animal room, are strictly monitored by me for their well being, diet, water and hygienic environment.