Monika Sharma

Nickname: Mavi
Hometown: Chandigarh
Graduate School: PGIMER


How would you explain your research in 3 sentences to someone who is not in science?

Progress of research requires good planning and better management of data. My job was to keep vigil on proper functioning of every instrument and maintaining the log books assigned to each instrument which is for smooth and functioning of lab facilities .

More about you

I am a hard working, honest and punctual girl who is always ready to face the challenges of life. I am a jolly natured girl with an easy attitude and believe in existence of god. My hobbies are gardening and dancing. Moreover, you will always find me smiling. If I were not working here I would definitely be an Air Force Pilot.

About your work

Quality control (QC) is an indispensable part of any research lab. As a QC I managed GLP records, inventories of material in lab. That help our research scholar to get organized and work efficiently.