Naresh Kumar

Nickname: Naresh
Hometown: Haryana, Bhiwani


How would you explain your research in 3 sentences to someone who is not in science?

Science seems more attractive when your pocket supports it. Financial aids are the most essential part for the research work to achieve new funding. Fortunately our lab is well supported with government funding and I invariably take care of those funds in an easy and reasonable utilization for free flow of the various research projects.

More about you

I am sincere and hardworking person. Simplicity and honesty are my other traits. I like soft music and cricket. If would not have been in to finance then I would have taken to journalism as my career.

About your work

I was working as project assistant. I took care of all accounts of government funded projects. I prepared timely financial reports; get them audited, processed the purchase of all essential chemicals, equipments and consumables. I also maintained book keeping records and accounting work of these projects.