Neuroscience Research Lab is constantly looking for brilliant and motivated research staff possessing higher compliance to suggestions and willingness to work under stringent GLP regulations.



This includes PhD students for whom positions are always available. The research staff is expected to undertake high risk experiments that have translational significance. Such positions are replete with opportunities for PhD enrolment.

One of the aims of our laboratory is to unravel the genetic mechanisms mediating physiological angiogenesis, with a focus on retinal degeneration. Using in vitro and in vivo models, we have uncovered a critical role for leukocytes in the development of AMD by capturing it in an animal model [Nat Med 9(11) 2003-4, Stem cells Dev, 2011 May 11].

We seek to gain mechanistic understanding of these processes through a combination of cellular, pharmacological, and Imaging techniques, aided by a spectrum of supplementary experimental platforms ranging from cell cultures, mice to patients.

Among other goals of the laboratory are developing animal models for stroke, retinal degeneration and memory impairment and searching biomarkers in neurological diseases particularly ALS and AMD (Journal of Neuroinflamation-2011, 8:47).

We have recently shown that the memory enhancer action of Bacopa Monniera may involve GABAergic-Cholinergic axis (Neuroscience, July 2008; Psychopharmacology, Jan 2008 & Behavioral Brain Research, May 2007). The lab follows GLP norms and is extremely well funded from National agencies. It provides state of art facilities with Independent power back up, wi-fi enabled online data bases, combined with challenging, friendly and competitive environment.

It is replete with opportunities of enrolling in PhD program as well as interfacing with other ongoing projects on stem cells preclinical trials.

The interested candidates may apply with a copy of CV, a statement of purpose and at least two reference letters directly to the office of the undersigned or by email at .

Applications invited for the post of Research Associate and Junior Research Fellow on contract basis