Kritika Goyal

Nickname: Krits
Hometown: Sonipat, Haryana
Graduate School: PGIMER, Chandigarh



How would you explain your reserach in three sentences to someone who is not in science?

My work is on the usage of natural products in replenishing the lost memory. Bacopa monniera is an ancient Indian herb which has memory enhancing properties. We will encapsulate the bacopa extract in the nanoparticles to make them reach the brain and act on the memory machinery.

More about you

I am reserved, carving a niche for myself with selected and close acquaintances. I love solitude, it defines calmness in me. I like to read and eat.

About your work

Dementia is characterized by unusual forgetfulness often marked by amnesia which may impact social behavior and professional discharge of duties.  This work is on the interface of biotechnology, behavioral neuroscience and nanotechnology. We envisage alleviation of artificially induced amnesia in mice animal model using nano delivered B.monniera extract. The memory loss will be created in the mice model by diazepam, and then we will replenish the lost memory by nanoparticles containing B.monniera extract. The behavioral aspects will be assessed by rota rod test and morris water maze.